Quality Control at every step of Supply Chain

In Hometek Pacific we believe that product quality is the base on which all other company activities are built. The price might get us a client, but it will be the quality that will keep them. "Quality" is a complex term for us, and its components are:


  • Product design
  • Product functionality
  • Product materials
  • Product packaging
  • Product shipment
  • Pre- and after-sale services.


Hometek Pacific follows strict quality management standards, working on SOPs basis for each Supply Chain status. The organization of data handling (correspondence, contracts, drawings, documents, etc.) is very important, and we pay great deal to make sure it used only in proper ways. There's always a responsible person to take care of each step and process, who will make sure no problems occur, and if they will, who will do their best to solve the problems and minimize any negative consequences. We keep in close relationship with out associated factories, and years of cooperation let us trust in their manufacturing capabilities. All of them have their own quality control procedures and in-house testing labs. But what's critical to our product quality assurance is that we can physically audit and inspect all sub-contractors, either in Taiwan or China.


We also have a closely affiliated IAPMO certified lab in which we can run our own tests. These tests include:

  • Life cycle test monitoring
  • Cartridge life cycle test
  • Pop-Up life cycle test
  • Spray life cycle test
  • Spout life cycle test
  • Flow rate test
  • Salt spray corrosion test
  • Emission spectrometric test
  • Backflow prevention test
  • Hose tensile test
  • Hose pressure impulse test
  • Hose hydrostatic burst test
  • Video measurement test
  • Electrolysis plating thickness test
  • Thermal cycle test
  • Hydraulic shock test
  • Brass tensile strength test
  • Pressure resistance test
  • Burst strength test

We can use the tests from this lab to swiftly apply for American standards certifications.

Quality doesn't end here

At least it doesn't end for Hometek. Once the products are ready and pass our Quality Control procedures, they are packed and then there's final control of packed products as well. When we choose our packaging materials and designs we pay attention to how they perform during tough conditions, such as the one that can happen during shipment (very high, very low temperatures, dropping, high humidity, etc.). Moreover, the whole pallet packing is also done in a way to maximally secure the products.

We welcome any post-shipment feedback from our clients so that we can keep identifying critical points in our supply chain and make sure those points get extra quality control attention. Hometek sees the product and services quality improvement as a continuous, never really ending process.