About Us


Hometek Pacific Corporation was started in 1976 in Changhua County in Taiwan, in the world-known plumbing products manufacturing cluster - DingFanPo. Later on we moved to the Taichung Industrial Park, with more urban infrastructure, and in very close proximity to the Taichung Harbor. 
Almost four decades of business experience with both manufacturers and clients, give us great understanding of the market, and allow our clients to save time and money on setting their own Asia procurement activities.

Key Localizations

Hometek Pacific location is a key to good sourcing abilities. We are both close to the Taiwanese cluster of faucets and bathroom accessories producers, and to the Chinese manufacturers who can bring the big volumes at even cheaper costs. Hometek works closely with two associated factories in Ningbo and Ninghai areas, and also has an office in Shanghai, that helps us to closely manage Chinese sourcing activities.

We get you!

Hometek Pacific can understand the Taiwanese, Chinese and American cultures of doing business. We understand our clients' needs, and help translate them into technical requirements for manufacturers. We know that quality doesn't stop at product only (though it surely starts there), but also includes reliable and attractive packaging, shipment and services. 

Hometek Pacific takes the risk of customer's back and makes the product sourcing as smooth as possible, making sure the plumbing product range is complete, well packed, and on time in our customer’s warehouses and stores. 

Easier and cheaper sourcing

Hometek Pacific order integration and consolidation services will help you simplify sourcing activities. Instead of looking for each product's supplier separately, reviewing hundreds of offers, quotations, performing costly audits and inspections, we can do this for you. Client just needs to give us list of products with clear requirements, and we can quickly match best quality/price proposition from our own broad network of sub-contractors. We also have trained R&D and Quality Control staffs that will make sure that technically all products are safe and sound. Furthermore, we have associated IAPMO certified lab to run all necessary testing, and help us quickly certify products. We can use one invoice, one packing list, and ultimately one shipment for products manufactured in different locations, that will save time, transaction and logistics costs for our clients. 

DIY Market Specific

Hometek Pacific throughout the years of observing the plumbing products markets, learnt the specifics of DIY customer's needs, as opposing to wholesaling OEM importers. Understanding our customer's end user, helps us understand our customer's needs and requirements. That's why, except the product quality, we also pay great attention to packaging design and quality, wide range of products to offer, compatibility of repair parts with most popular brands on the market, on-time delivery and exceptional customer service. Where most OEM manufacturers fails, we come in to assist you.


Core Competencies:

  • Sourcing Support
  • Materials (low-lead, lead-free, DZR Brass)
  • Engineering and Product Development
  • Manufacturing
  • Quality Control 
  • Order Consolidation
  • DIY packaging