Hometek Brand

 as your brand

Hometek Pacific can either supply you with your own brand products, or can offer you these products under its own brand name. We've been successfully selling our line of valves and ceramic products for years. Hometek is also cooperating with Quicktek® push fit fittings, offering the full line of innovative push fit fittings under consolidated name.


Why choose  branded products?


1. Products design and quality.

For the Hometek product range we choose product designs well established on markets, from low to high end pricing, with optional finishes and accessories. Hometek brand is positioned as a reliable, good value brand, which can be used by most American households. It's important that Hometek products are compliant with American standards, especially the new lead-free requirement for products in contact with potable water (Section 1417 of the Safe Drinking Water Act). All Hometek products are also tested by affiliated IAPMO certified lab, and many are further certified according to cUPC, NSF, ASME, ASSM, ASSE standards.


2. Wholesome range of plumbing items.

Hometek range is carefully chosen based on the long-term market trends analysis, so that the chosen products are attractive to our customer's end users. We make sure that there are plenty of options to choose from for faucets and showers, which especially tend to be bought for their aesthetics. Also the repair parts and tools are singled out based on their market demand and brand cross-compatibility.


3. Retail ready packaging and merchandizing plans.

Hometek understand the importance of solid, functional, safe for transport, but at the same time visually attractive packaging. We look at the products not only from manufacturing, but also from retail and marketing point of view, and that's why we offer well designed carton boxes packaging (cut-case bulk cartons, color boxes, window boxes, white boxes with color label), blisters with a carton insert, and even PE bags (color, or transparent with color label). If client provides us with detailed store space/shelving dimensions, we can plan out a ready merchandizing display, which will help our clients to sell to the end-users.

4. Unpack-to-shelf solution for smaller retailers.

The benefits of Hometek brand should be especially useful for smaller retailers and distributors, as we take the merchandizing and marketing planning of their backs, offering a ready unpack-to-shelf solution. Hometek products are shipped from Asia in a way, which requires only opening the boxes and putting on your, or your customer's, shelves. No need to repack or re-label!