Toilet Repair

Flush Levers

Toilet Flush Lever, For Gerber Brand Toilets, Plastic Flush Arm w/White Plastic Handle, 6"- 8", Includes Lock Nut

Toilet Flush Lever, Trims To Size, Plastic Flush Arm w/Chrome Finish Handle, 4"& 6", Includes Lock Nut

Toilet Flush Lever, Side Mount Push Button Style, Brass Flush Arm w/Chrome Finish Zinc Handle, Includes Lock Nut


Flappers and Tank balls

Toilet Tank Flapper, w/Weep Hole, for 1.6 Gallon Toilets, Includes Foam Float Chain

Green 3 in 1 toilet  Flapper, Silicone Magnus Green Dura, Flap

For Kohler, 3" Toilet Flapper w/Chain, Includes Foam Insert, Metal Chain and Hook

Toilet Tank Ball, Rubber, Fits Most Toilets

Toilet Tank Float Ball, Plastic, Fits Most Toilets



8-1/2" Plastic Piston Ball Cock w/ Fill Tube and Brass Float Rod

Water Saver Toilet Repair Kit, Adjustable Anti Siphon Fill Valve, Adjustable Water Saver Flapper, Float, Float Rod, Refill Tube, Cone Washers, Lock  and Coupling Nut

Low Profile Toilet Fill Valve Adjustable Water Level, Quiet Operation

Toilet Bolt and Screw Set 1/4" x 2-1/2” 

Snap-Off Toilet Flange Bolt and Screw Set, 5/16" O.D.  x 2-1/4" Length Brass Bolts 

Toiler Tank to Bowl Screw Kit, w/ Screws, Washers, and Sponge Rubber Gasket

Solid Brass Toilet Tank Ball Lift Wire

Deodorizing Urinal Screen (S), Cherry Scented 

Deodorizing Urinal Screen, Sun Flower Scented

Heavy Dduty Anchor Flange Kit, w/Plastic Anchors, SS screws, Washers, SS Anchor Flange

2" Flush Valves Seal

3" Flush Valves Seal