Plumbing Tools


Mini Tubing Cutter for 3-16mm Tubes

Screw-Feed Tubing Cutter for 3-28mm Tube

10 mm Copper Tubing Cutter 

Tubing Cutter for 6-42mm Tubes

1/8"-2" Heavy Duty Pipe Cutter 

2-1/2" PVC Pipe Cutter w/High Carbon Blade, Cut dia. 25-63 mm

1" PVC Pipe Cutter w/High Carbon Blade, Cut dia.12-42 mm

1" PVC Pipe Cutter w/Stainless Blade, Cut dia. 12-42 mm

Multi Function Cutter Set w/ Multi Angle Shearing, PVC Pipe Shearing for 9 mm and 16 mm



4-Way Stem Sillcock Key, 1/4", 9/32", 5/16", and 11/32" 

4-Way Plug Wrench, Steel

Basket Strainer Wrench 

3 in 1 Plumber's Wrench, Sizes: 1-3/4", 2", and 2-1/2" 

2" Strap Wrench 

3/4" Stub Extractor Wrench 

Telescoping Jaw Basin Wrench, 25-50 mm O.D., 450 mm

Hinge Jaw Nut Wrench, for 10-32mm Tubes

4" Rubber Strap Wrench



5" Force Cup Plunger, 18" Wood Handle 

6" Force Cup Plunger, 19" Wood Handle 

Toilet Plunger, 21" Yellow Wood Handle 

15 PSI Gas Test Gauge 

300 PSI Water Test Gauge 

Faucet Handle Puller

Square Panel Key 

 Faucet Reseating Tool, for 1/4" and 3/8" Faucet Seats

2" Heavy-Duty Bench Yoke Pipe Vise, Malleable Iron Frame, 10-90 mm

1/4" x 15 ft. Canister Auger Pistol Grip, Heavy Metal Sleeve Locking Screw, High-Impact Plastic Housing

Flat Drain Tape, 1/2" x 100 ft.,  Flat Sewer Rod, Automatic Hand Grip

Toilet Auger, 3' Clears Clogged Toilets 3/8" x 3' Cable, High Carbon Spring Wire

Shower Valve Socket Wrench Set, 5 Pack

Hack Saw, Blade Notch 90°, 180°and 270° Positions

Flaring Tool, 3/16" to 5/8" O.D. 

4 Pieces External Spring Tube Bender 

1/2" Pipe Repair Clamps  Set

1" Pipe Repair Clamps 

1/2" Tube Clean Brush 

1/2" I.D. Fitting Brush